I am Kat Norbury, of Kat’s Cut Flowers. I grow and sell beautiful, freshly cut, home grown British flowers from my family farm outside Leigh Sinton, near Malvern in Worcestershire.

I’m passionate about British flowers, and from April to October my gardens are a riot of seasonal colour and scent. The majority of the flowers I grow are nurtured lovingly from seed. You’ll find delicate  ranunculus rubbing shoulders with starbursts of cornflower, fragrant sweet peas, tulips, tall bright spikes  of lupin, and many varieties of roses. Not to mention the dahlias that transform our walled garden into a colourful wonderland each summer.

I’m generally found in the garden with our scruffy Jack Russell, Bobby and our black Labrador, Taxi

Flowers for your home

Fresh flowers are a real mood lifter for any space, and a gorgeous way to celebrate the seasons. I gather  and arrange beautiful bunches of freshly cut flowers from my farmhouse garden, from tiny pops of colour  in jam jars, to elaborate, hand-tied gift bouquets for your home. 

Click here to find out more about my services, and how you can brighten your home with my locally grown  British flowers. 

Why choose local?

We all know we can buy cheaper flowers in any supermarket.  But did you know how far these have travelled, what chemicals have been used and how much plastic are they wrapped in?

All my flowers are grown in my garden near Malvern and many annually from seed. They will be cut just as they come into season in order that they have the longest possible vase life sitting on your kitchen table.

For more information on the sustainability of Kat’s Cut Flowers, click here.