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My Flower club has launched with 2 ” Make a Spring Bouquet Workshops”

What a busy few days we had last week on the run up to Mother’s Day. My Flower Club was launched with 2 workshops when everyone made the most beautiful bouquets. I had ordered some gorgeous tulips (in orange which I just love at this time of year) and little white narcissi from Evolve Flowers ( all British Flowers) and everything else was picked from my garden. I was surprised how much I was able to source given it was early March but I picked hellebores, ferns, viburnum tinus, summer snowflake, pussy willow, pittosporum and some very spikey berberis darwinii but which had stunning orange flowers. We had coffees, homemade cake and a bit of fizz during the evening workshop! 11 attendees and all the bouquets made looked incredible. I showed everyone how to wrap sheets of coloured tissue paper and then enfold the bouquets in brown paper – just to look even more professional! What a success!

My next Flower Club workshop is on Thursday 28th March 2024 when we will be making a “Living Easter Arrangement” – this will either be on a wire wreath base or you can bring along a shallow bowl of your choice and fill it with plants and bulbs to create a real centerpiece for your table on Easter Day. We will have fun designing Easter nests with real chocolate eggs too! All bookings on my website.