It is extremely important to me that I work as sustainably as possible at Kat’s Cut Flowers.

Here on our farm, we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.  I use flowers I’ve grown myself or occasionally I will buy in other British flowers from other local suppliers if I don’t have enough. I use no chemicals and use home made or peat free compost only. We compost all our own food waste, grass clippings, horse and chicken manure, garden and flower waste, leaves etc and use this to mulch all the beds every autumn.

I follow the no-dig method in preparing new beds. I collect rain water where possible and grow my seeds in an unheated greenhouse.


This year, my husband is taking up bees and our bee hive will sit in the middle of our newly designed “Physic Garden” – so named as originally it was planted up by my father-in-law with an array of medicinal plants laid out to cure ailments relating to different parts of the body. We are in the middle of replanting this area with lots of bee friendly plants

Practical measures

In my arrangements, I use no single-use plastic. Arrangements are wrapped in paper that can be recycled. I never use any floral foam but replace this with compostable or reusable materials to support flowers in my arrangements.


Flowers from the Farm

I am a member of “Flowers from the Farm”, the umbrella organisation of British flower farmers and florists. We meet regularly to share stories and learn from one another.  We represent the British flower industry and are present at all of the RHS shows where we aim to educate the public about the importance of buying British Flowers. For more information on FFTF, click the link below